This UX / UI design portfolio shows design projects I am allowed to show publicly and includes two web apps, one iPhone app, and two responsive websites. These design solutions represent delivered interfaces based on industry research and innovative design. However I currently work as a software UX designer and have designed  both native and hybrid phone apps for business applications. 

Document Management System
Web App, UX / UI Design

JLNY Group is an insurance agency that works with wholesale insurance markets. JLNY wanted a web app that would facilitate the process of managing client accounts by facilitating internal document transfer and communication between brokers and JLNY Group. This UX design solution provides an innovative way for both types of app users to review and transfer data.

+ Web app design
+ 9 screens designed
+ Flow chart with technical notes designed
+ Agile process used to develop wireframes and app

Lighting Technology Start Up
Responsive Website, UX Design

Lumanext is a lighting technology start up company. They wanted a responsive website that would demonstrate how their innovative technology works in an engaging way for investors and potential clients. This design solution markets this start up by emphasizing the potential value of this technology for businesses within seconds.

+ Wireframe and high resolution mockup design
+ Responsive website design

+ 5 custom animations designed
+ Front end development using HTML and CSS
+ Worked directly with client throughout process

Coffee Ordering App
IPhone App, UI/UX Design

Coffee is an iPhone app that I designed for a small team of business and marketing professionals who wanted to pitch this app idea to investors. The app enables users to find specialty coffee shops by geographical location, see how these shops are rated by other app users, create a personal account to facilitate mobile ordering and rating consumer experiences, and place an order for pickup through the app.

My innovative interface design included:

+ 24 screens designed in 10 hours
+ a flow chart
+ app wireframes
+ high fidelity mockups
+ an interactive prototype

B2B Networking Website
Responsive Website, UX Design

Industrial Hemp Exchange is a hemp industry start up that came to me to design a B2B networking platform and website for them. The website enables visitors to purchase access to a discussion board where hemp producers can meet and do direct business together.

My innovative interface design included:

+ fully responsive web design
+ wireframes and a flow chart
+ high resolution mockups
+ 8 webpage designs
+ Front End coding using HTML and CSS


Museum Interactive Map
Web App, UI/UX Design

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Times Square wanted to increase traffic to their site and improve ticket sales. They came to me to analyze their visitor traffic and propose a solution. It became apparent that most visitors did not stay on museum attraction pages for very long, partly because there was no call to action or interactive features. It also became clear that the majority of their web visitors were accessing their site on mobile and dropping off quickly due to an unresponsive user experience. To work within their budget, I proposed improvements to their interactive design to give the website a contemporary look and feel.  My proposal included the following:

+ Change static pictures for interactive pictures with more efficient navigation
+ Linking all the exhibit pages together through an interactive map and simple navigation system
+ Design the interactive map to look great on mobile devices.

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