Desktop Saas Platform

Requirements & Solutions

Requirement 1
A platform that would enable legal clients of the internal legal team to subscribe to 3rd party business intelligence services and monitor their own legal case information so that their questions regarding billing are addressed through the client dashboard to reduce customer service calls.

Solution: Conducted industry research to determine the business needs of legal clients and how AI can be used to consolidate and analyze legal data. Designed a client dashboard with data visualization tools that enable clients to analyze their current spending on legal services as well as to view their spending options. The dashboard provides legal matters insights to help clients see how their legal spending is being used to resolve their legal matters.

Requirement 2
A way of motivating users to subscribe to the SaaS platform rather than go directly to 3rd party legal services.

Solution: Designed the dashboard to provide added business value with a set of data-summary call-out statistics, a summary view dashboard tab to provide an overview of legal performance with data from all services subscribed to, and an area for personalized Recommendations, which feature ways to improve business and save money.

Requirement 3
A dashboard for the internal legal team to facilitate their business decisions and improve profitability.

Solution: Conducted legal industry research to discover opportunities for improving the internal legal department with data visualization and analysis. Designed the tools to help the team identify their most valuable clients, facilitate tasking, keeping up with regulation and policy changes, legal services utilization, and monitor 3rd party subscription sales.

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